Master of Science in Project Management

Fees S$

Application Fees

(Inclusive of 9% GST)


(payable when you submit your application)

Academic Year 2024-2025 (Aug intake)


Deposit Payment

(Inclusive of 9% GST)


(payable upon acceptance of offer of admission)

The deposit will be used to offset the semester 1 tuition fees after matriculation

Academic Year 2023-2024 (Jan intake)


Academic Year 2024-2025 (Aug intake)


Academic Year 2023-2024

(Jan intake)

Tuition Fees

(Inclusive of 9% GST)

To attain an MSc in Project Management, candidates must complete ten courses (30 AUs), or eight courses (24 AUs) and one dissertation (6 AUs)

Singapore Citizen –

34,880 (Full Programme)

1,162.60 (Per Academic Unit)

Singapore Permanent Resident –

37,060 (Full Programme)

1,235.30 (Per Academic Unit)

International Student –

39,240 (Full Programme)

1,308 (Per Academic Unit)

Academic Year 2024-2025

(Aug intake)

Tuition Fees

(Inclusive of 9% GST)

To attain an MSc in Project Management, candidates must complete ten courses (30 AUs), or eight courses (24 AUs) and one dissertation (6 AUs)

46,597.50 (Full Programme)

1553.25 (Per Academic Unit)

* above fees are applicable to all students.

Fees are subject to annual revision

From Academic Year 2023-2024:

If you are a Singaporean student, you may use up to $1000 of your SkillsFuture credits towards tuition fees. The claim submission has to be completed 60 days before the start date of the next Semester (e.g. You must submit before November to claim towards Semester 2 tuition fees)

  1. Log in to SkillsFuture portal and click on “Make SkillsFuture Credit Claim”.
  2. Select NTU MSc Project Management.
  3. To submit a claim, you should have supporting documents such as letter of offer, matriculation documents etc.
  4. In your claim, indicate the course start date to be first day of the upcoming Semester in the Academic Calendar.
  5. As your e-bill for the upcoming Semester would not be available yet, take note of your SFC Claim ID.
  6. Notify School ([email protected]) and NTU NSS-Finance ([email protected]) with the SFC Claim ID and the amount to be claimed through SFC.
  7. When you receive your e-bill for the Semester, leave the SFC amount to be claimed out of your payment.
  8. Please refer to Skillsfuture FAQ at this link.

From Academic Year 2024-2025 onwards:

  • NTU Alumni students are entitled to 10% study incentives in the form of reduction in fees.
  • Students who are Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents will receive a one-time subsidy of $5,000.
  • SkillsFuture Credit claim remains applicable (please see section above).

Notes on payment of fees:

Students will be billed at the commencement of each semester, and payment due date is 2 weeks after billing date.A student who withdraws or leaves the University two or more weeks after the commencement of his candidature or the commencement of the semester is liable to pay the fees due for the semester.

FlexiMasters in Project Management (through PaCE@NTU)

[Applicable for Singaporeans and SPR]

To register your interest for the FlexiMasters through PaCE@NTU, please complete the enquiry form here. PaCE@NTU will follow-up to contact you if there are courses to be offered.

Information on FlexiMasters in Project Management is available on the PaCE@NTU website.

*PaCE candidates interested in pursuing the MSc in Project Management are requested to complete the full FlexiMasters first, and then include the completed PaCE certifications when applying for MSc admissions*