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Moving Out

We’re sorry to see you go! But we do recognize job locations change, certain life situations occur and you may need to relocate. This section answers some typical questions regarding moving out of a property managed by Columbia Property Management so that you can better plan your move.

We do not permit – under any circumstances – sub-letting the unit to another party. This includes temporary or short-term rentals. Be up-front with us regarding moving and do not permit others to reside in the rental. We will work with you to find a solution. Contact your property manager for more information regarding the terms of breaking your lease.

If you live with housemates, you will need to find a suitable replacement for your share before you can be released from the lease. See the information below on Roommate Changes for more details on our policies.

Providing Notice to Management

Formal notice as defined in the lease requires first class mail. However, we prefer you to call our office at 888-857-6594, ext. 2 to provide your notice and follow up with an email to your property manager. If you only send an email to provide notice, it will not be considered official until you have received a personal reply from the property manager assigned to your rental.

First, check your lease. In the District of Columbia if the initial term has expired without signing a new lease, you are on a month to month arrangement. Each party is required to provide a 30- day notice to the end of the next rental period. That means that at least one full rental period must pass until your lease obligation would end. For example if you provide notice on April 10th, your notice will be for the last day of May.

If you are nearing the end of your lease term, you should provide notice to Management based on the terms of your lease. Typically this is 60 days. Note that you may need to provide two full rental periods of notice. If you live with housemates, please consider finding replacements for the shares rather than forcing all people to move out. Often this is not as big a burden as it may appear to be and will ensure the current residents can remain in the rental.


As per the terms of the lease Management is permitted to market and schedule tours of the rental during the notice period. We will always schedule times with you in advance whether on a by appointment basis or as part of a regular schedule of showing time slots. It is your duty per the lease agreement to provide ample opportunity for interested parties to see the rental.

If you are moving at the end of your lease, Columbia Property Management offers a special incentive to you for helping us to obtain a signed lease before your move-out date. Your assistance in preparing for showings by keeping the rental tidy, providing interesting tips about the building or area, or recommending your favorite spots in the neighborhood all help to make the rental more appealing to prospects. If we have a new tenant ready to move in when you depart we will give you a gift card to help you with your moving expenses.

Moving Company Referral

We can recommend Interstate Moving and Storage for a free moving estimate and discount on the transportation portion of your move. Just mention Columbia Property Management referred you. An added bonus is if you book a move with Interstate you get availability of free, lightly used, boxes that can be picked up at any of three facilities in Northern VA or MD. For local or long distance moving needs please contact Sherry Skinner: [email protected] or 703-395-7299.