What is a Managed Data Center Service?

Managed Services

As IT necessities are perhaps one of the most important and foundational elements of any growing business, infrastructure norms are not only changing, but being changed by the leverage of more sophisticated technology. For this reason, offsetting the operational cost of running every element of an IT network and having that provided by a reliable third party like ExternetWorks is increasing in popularity. For that, and more, you may consider a solid data center managed service.

What is a data center managed service?

With a managed data center support service, you can ensure that your cloud and IT infrastructure are optimized. You can have your managed data center partially or fully managed through a managed service platform. This means that you can ensure your third-party hosting is reliable, always maintained and secure while still exercising some degree of administrative control.

What is included in managed data center services?

Depending on the package you opt for, this can differ. The most common services include the upkeep and maintenance of hardware and network services. Data center store and backup maintenance are usually essential services. Fault tolerance and disaster planning and recovery is a crucial addition regularly prioritized. Furthermore, the upgrading and patching of operating systems and software where appropriate is handled for you.

What is a data center as a service?

DCAAS is a hosting service that allows physical data center infrastructure to be provided to clients, meaning that all essential server installations and maintenance are off-site, at a third-party location, closely guarded, and cared for. This all but removes logistical and budgetary limits that your business may have trying to establish on your own, which may have otherwise been a preventative measure for your business staying in business.

What are the types of managed services?

There are many types of managed services on offer, and the degree to which they are applied will depend on which provider you opt for.

ExterNetworks provides Managed Service for Storage, Managed Service for Servers, networking and infrastructure, security management, communications services, data analytics, support services, on-site hardware maintenance, and more. Feel free to see our full list of options here.

managed services

Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions we hear regarding these topics are::

What is a managed data center?

A managed data center is a form of data center model that is carefully deployed, cohesively managed, and routinely monitored by a third-party data center service provider. This ensures a one-stop shop for all of your IT support needs.

What are the Benefits of Managed DataCenter Services?

Managed data center services are essential for any business that needs to store large amounts of information. The main benefit of managed data centers is that they provide 24/7 monitoring and maintenance services. You don’t need to worry about power outages, hardware failures, or other issues that could cause downtime.

What Services are Provided By a Managed DataCenter Service Companies

Managed data centers provide services such as power backup, network connectivity, security, cooling, and physical space for servers. They also offer 24/7 monitoring and maintenance of the equipment. The main benefit of using a managed data center is that they are able to provide all these services at a lower price than what you would be charged if you were to build your own server room.

What is the difference between a managed data center and an entirely managed one?

A managed data center tends to provide you the full functionality, maintenance, and monitoring regarding the upkeep and health of your systems without taking the administrative control from your hands. An entirely managed one ensures all of the back-end data center administrators is performed by the data center provider.

What services are offered?

Of course, this will depend on the service level agreement and the package you have opted for. However, the standard and most popular options include the upkeep and maintenance of all hardware and network equipment, the patching and necessary upgrades of operating systems, data center storage, fault tolerance, and more.

How much does managed service provider cost?

Individual prices will differ depending on the provider used and the scope of your service needs. However, most providers will tend to make this ease-of-access philosophy regarding modern IT infrastructure and server hosting and apply it to their pricing strategy.

This means that many providers will charge a flat monthly fee for their services, reducing or expanding depending on how many services you opt for, and what addons you may wish to integrate with your package. Be sure to see what bundles or options are available when onboarding through a given provider.

What services do ExterNetworks offer?

EtxerNetworks are proud to offer a proactive approach to the full suite of services for our data center customers, which are always geared to help them meet staff and user demands. We also offer a range of network security services as well as thorough network management options. This is by no means our limit, as we also specialize in cloud and comprehensive disaster recovery services.

Feel free to speak to us regarding any questions you have about this process and how it can be maximally applied and optimized to and for your firm. We’re here to help and to field any queries you may have. Contact us now!