Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Technology Management (PhD-TM)


Students in the Computer Science specialization will research the design and function of computers from the inside out. This is a broad specialization, allowing students to research a wide variety of computer topics and to prepare for a range of technology leadership roles. Graduates will be able to use this in-depth knowledge to contribute to new computer science research and lead the innovative integration of computer technologies in their organizations.

  • TIM-8101 – Principles of Computer Science


  • TIM-8110 – Programming Languages & Algorithms
  • TIM-8120 – Distributed Systems
  • TIM-8130 – Data Mining
  • TIM-8140 – Software Engineering
  • TIM-8150 – Artificial Intelligence
  • TIM-8301- Principles of Cybersecurity


As organizations are producing more and more data, the risks associated with possible data theft become even greater. Therefore, organizations must have leaders who know how to keep the data secure. Students in the Cybersecurity specialization will research the latest trends to stay ahead of would-be cyber attackers. Graduates will be well-prepared to anticipate and mitigate risks in managing and deploying data-intensive systems and to assume a variety of technology leadership roles in government, private organizations, and research institutions.

  • TIM-8301 – Principles of Cybersecurity
  • TIM-8310 – Cyber Forensics
  • TIM-8320 – Contingency Planning & Disaster Recovery
  • TIM-8330 – Advanced Risk Management
  • TIM-8340 – Secure Software Development
  • TIM-8350 – Critical Infrastructure Protection, Information Warfare, and Cyber Terrorism


Gathering and maintaining data is just one piece of effective use of data. Data Science is an emerging field that deals with making sense of the mountains of data organizations produce and turning them into actionable knowledge. The Data Science specialization prepares students to be leaders and researchers in this new and exciting field by studying the most up-to-date tools and emerging research in this area.

  • TIM-8130 – Data Mining
  • TIM-8440 – Knowledge Management
  • TIM-8501- Quantitative Methods for Data Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • TIM-8510 – Data VisualizationTIM-8520 – Inferential Statistics and Predictive Analytics
  • TIM-8530 – Big Data Integration


This specialization is designed for scholars who want to research new ways for computers to work together to maintain, store, and process information. Students will research a variety of topics in information systems and will prepare for a range of information technology leadership and research roles. Graduates will be able to use this in-depth knowledge to lead the innovative integration of information technologies and information systems in their organizations.

  • TIM-8301- Principles of Cybersecurity
  • TIM-8410 – Cloud Computing
  • TIM-8420 – Data Warehousing & Decision Support
  • TIM-8430 – Systems Analysis & Design
  • TIM-8440 – Knowledge Management
  • TIM-8601- IT Project Management


This specialization prepares students with the knowledge needed to contribute to innovation in the conception, planning, implementation, and deployment of a variety of information technology-related projects. Students will study research and theories in leadership, risk, and management of multiple projects. Graduates will be prepared to assume management and research roles in project management and information technology.

  • TIM-8630 – Managing Risk in Project Management
  • TIM-8210 – Quality Management
  • TIM-8601- IT Project Management
  • TIM-8610 – Leadership in Project Management
  • TIM-8620 – Project Management Systems & Technology
  • TIM-8640 – Program & Portfolio Management