Cloud Data Security in 2023: Dangers, Safeguards, and More

The cloud allows organizations to easily store their data on cost-effective, scalable platforms with just an internet connection rather than having to invest in costly on-premise storage solutions that must be continually maintained and expanded. Organizations use cloud storage because not only are their physical systems managed by service providers, but also their storage on … Read more

Cloud Native Architecture: Pros, Cons, and Basic Principles

What Is Cloud Native Architecture? A cloud native architecture is an application architecture explicitly built for the cloud. Cloud native deployments use cloud platforms by design, unlike lift-and-shift deployments that move on-premise applications as-is to a cloud environment. Cloud native architectures allow organizations to scale applications easily by adding or removing server nodes. The ability … Read more

10 Ways ERP Integration Can Transform Your Business

Many manufacturers and distributors think their transformation is complete once they’ve implemented enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. There are two problems with this conclusion: Business transformation is never over. As technology and industry practices change, so should your enterprise and its software. Transformation is a term reserved only for sweeping changes. In other words, a … Read more

Which Microsoft 365 Tools Are Best To Track Projects?

5. SharePoint Project Sites Setting up a SharePoint project site gives you one central place to manage your project. You can use task lists to capture actions, to-dos, and deadlines, calendar features to handle events, and document storage to keep everything straight. All of it can be accessed from your site homepage allowing everyone on … Read more

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BASKING RIDGE, NJ — Verizon Wireless smartphone and tablet customers have a variety of ways to monitor and manage their wireless data usage, including new text message alerts that will be sent to smartphone customers to help them keep track of monthly domestic data usage. Starting this week, smartphone users will begin to receive free … Read more

How to Develop Your Nonprofit Data Management Strategy

What’s one thing that’s more valuable than the donations you receive online? No, it’s not goodwill. It’s also not brand recognition. It’s certainly not the accolades heaped on your nonprofit organization for making a positive impact on the world, though those are nice too. The one thing more valuable than donations? Data. Why? Cold, hard, … Read more

Data security in cloud computing

Organizations in all sectors recognize the benefits of cloud computing. Some are only beginning their migration journey as part of digital transformation efforts, while others are adopting advanced multi-cloud, hybrid strategies. One of the biggest challenges at any stage of implementation is data security in cloud computing, stemming from the unique risks that the technology … Read more

What is an Omnichannel Contact Center?

Omnichannel contact center software helps companies provide a seamless communication experience with their customers on their preferred communication channel, regardless of the device they are using. This guide to omnichannel contact center solutions will help you understand exactly what it is, its benefits, and the top providers that offer a seamless communication experience with customers. … Read more

Understanding Cloud Data Services

By Charlie Crocker, Unravel Data. Demystifying Service Offerings from Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Google Cloud Platform In the past five years, a shift in Cloud Vendor offerings has fundamentally changed how companies buy, deploy and run big data systems. Cloud Vendors have absorbed more back-end data storage and transformation technologies into their core offerings … Read more

Best GPS Fleet Management Software and Systems for 2023

GPS fleet tracking systems are a combination of tracking hardware and software that collect data and convert it to usable information. For example, they can help to optimize navigation, monitor vehicle health and maintenance, and ensure driver safety and efficiency. Here is a rundown of some of the many features GPS fleet tracking systems offer: … Read more